They create their own designs: flowers, birds, butterflies, characters, landscapes. The layout of each pattern is done in pen and a first firing is then done. Depending on the difficulty of drawing, the object will then pass several times in a special oven, an average of three or four times before full completion.
This method is probably long but gives unmatched wealth, warmth, delicacy and depth unmatched to Françoise Florence VIALARD’s porcelains.

porcelainesIf certain complicity exists between them and the porcelain of Limoges, it is the same with the setters, the object must be a highly decorated set with care and especially in harmony with its form and decoration.
porcelainesEvery detail is studied between the setter and them to the selection of clasps, chains, handles, feet, bottle caps, funnels that will finish their object. The colour of the patina is also part of their desire to create an object that you want to have home.
The objects they decorate come mainly from Limoges porcelain and some porcelain manufactures produce the exclusive models they have designed.